How to remove NFTs from Gacha

Warning: Removing a NFT will lock the Gachapon PERMANENTLY, rendering it unplayable

At this time, removing NFTs from a Gachapon requires manual contract interaction. Follow the instructions below.

  1. Visit the Polygonscan page of the Gachapon contract. You can find the address of a particular Gachapon in the URL of its webpage. For example,

Each Gachapon contract address is unique so make sure you have the one that corresponds to yours.

Search the address on Polygonscan. You should now arrive at the contract page.

2. Navigate to contract -> write contract and connect using the same wallet which owns the Gachapon machine

3. Scroll down to method 8. Remove NFT. Here you will need to input The NFT’s collection address, ID, and quantity you wish to remove. You can find the NFTID and collection address on the expanded details on Doki Doki or Opensea. See below examples

The above are just examples. Make sure you have the right ID and address for the NFTs you want to remove.

4. Now copy the NFTID and collection address and go back to the Polygonscan page. Paste them into the corresponding input box along with the quantity you wish to remove and click write. Once the transaction confirms, that particular NFT is now removed from the machine and should be transferred back into your wallet.

If your wallet displays contract execution error, usually that means there is a problem with one or more of your inputs. If you need help, reach out to us on Discord for support.

If you wish to remove all NFTs, repeat steps 3-4 until all NFTs have been removed from the machine.

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