Q: Which Blockchain network is the Gacha Protocol available on?

A: Initially available on Polygon, we are working on expansion to other EVM compatible chains such as BSC, Fantom, Avalanche, and others.

Q: Why can’t you add support for Ethereum L1?

A: The cost of gas and ChainlinkVRF on Ethereum L1 makes our Gacha machines too expensive to use. For the same reason, many NFT projects, especially gaming ones are choosing to deploy on cheaper and more scalable L2 networks. That being said if costs decrease to acceptable levels, we have no problems making The Gacha Protocol available on L1.

Q: What’s the difference between Standard and Curated machines?

A: Occasionally, the team may collaborate directly with artists or projects to launch a curated machine. This does not mean that curated machines are better than standard machines in terms of quality. With the launch of the permissionless GACHA protocol, expect less curated machines as we focus more on protocol growth & expansion.

Q: Can I load additional NFTs into my Gacha machine later?

A: Yes, simply lock your machine and you will be able to load more NFTs. Unlock your machine afterwards to let others people play again.

Q: Is it possible to remove NFTs from my Gacha machine?

A: Yes, although it will permanently lock the machine. Please refer to the instructions here.

Q: Will the 5% fee on my Gacha machine ever change?

A: No, the 5% fee is fixed during deployment. Any future modification to the protocol fee will only impact new Gachapons deployed after the change has taken effect.

Q: What does locking and unlocking my Gachapon do?

A: Locked = Maintenance mode. No one can play your Gachapon but you can safely load NFTs into it. Unlocked = Active mode, anyone can play your Gachapon and win NFTs. Remember to set a price per play, before you unlock your Gachapon.

Q: I played a Gacha, but the balls didn't appear, where are my NFTs?

A: Your NFTs are safe. You can claim them by visiting the play-history tab in your collection page

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