Unicly (uDOKI)


UNICLY is a permissionless protocol that lets people convert a NFT collection into “u” tokens, which are tradable ERC20s. uDOKI is a “u” token which represents fractionalized ownership of the official Doki Doki NFT collection on Unicly.

How UNICLY and uDOKI works:

UNICLY has a Uniswap-like DEX where u-tokens, including uDOKI can be traded. On the uDOKI collection page, people can bid ETH on individual pieces and uDOKI token holders can vote as a collective in order to “unlock” the collection. 51% of all token holders need to vote for the collection to be unlocked. When a collection is unlocked, NFTs are sold to the highest bidders, and uDOKI holders receive ETH in proportion to the quantity of uDOKI tokens they own.

Yield-farming UNIC with uDOKI

As uDOKI is a whitelisted collection, you can provide and stake liquidity for uDOKI-ETH and uDOKI-UNIC to farm UNIC, the native governance and revenue-sharing token of the UNICLY protocol. Check out this step by step tutorial to learn how to get started!

uDOKI collection appraisal

In the beginning, third party appraisal service Upshot valued the uDOKI collection at 75 ETH

As of 7/25/2021, the appraisal has been updated to 90 ETH. Source: uTOKEN Appraisals Spreadsheet

Additional rare NFTs are added to the uDOKI collection on a regular basis, which aims to increase the value of the uDOKI collection overtime. The collection log below records all the NFTs that have been added since the beginning.

uDOKI Tokenomics

  • Max Supply: 1,000,000,000

  • Initial Liquidity (50%): 500,000,000

  • Farming Rewards (40%): 400,000,000

  • Doki Team Treasury(10%): 100,000,000

  • Vote required to unlock collection: 51%

uDOKI collection log





Pixelated Retro Japan X3

Genesis Set


Twilight Tea 3/3 by Seerlight

Donated by Rei


Doki Lambo Girl

Donated by Rei


Doki Doki Finance

Donated by Lumen


Pranksy Airways Ultimate

Donated by Dokilord


Streets of Ikebukuro

Donated by Lumen


Cometh Spaceship "Anpan"

Donated by Lumen

To learn more about how Unicly works, read the Official Unicly Documentation

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