Supported metadata structures

How to be sure that your NFT will show up correctly on

OpenSea metadata standards

If your NFTs use the OpenSea metadata standards, you are already good to go.

Other structures

If you don't follow the above standards, worry not, you might still be using the following structures:

Type of dataKey in your metadata

Image (PNG, JPEG, JPG, GIF only)



The image that represents your NFT, we will use that key to generate the preview of your NFT. Any other file format than an image will be rejected.

Video (MP4 Only)


Video of your NFT, usually the full resolution display of it. If your structure contains this key, it MUST also contains the preview in the "image" category.



The name of your NFT that will be displayed on our site.



The description of your NFT




An array of properties with the following format:



"trait_type": "name of property",

"value": "value of property"





Any other data will not be taken into account.

My NFTs don't follow any of those structures :(

Worry not! You can still use our gachapons, but the NFTs might not be displayed properly (No preview, no name...).

If you want them to be supported, you can just contact us beforehand on Discord or Telegram. We will do our best so they can be integrated ASAP.

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