Key features

Compatible with all NFT types and collections

Gacha machines can be loaded with ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFTs from any collection, regardless of where they were originally minted. Moreover you can mix and match NFTs from multiple different collections in a single machine. The only requirement is that the NFT and the Gacha exist on the same chain, e.g. NFTs on Polygon can be loaded into Gacha on Polygon.

For example, you can mint NFTs on Opensea and load them into your Gacha for randomized distribution. This also means that you earn secondary market royalties if you have it setup for your collection.

On-chain and Non-custodial

Gacha machines are on-chain smart owned and contracts controlled by you. This means that the protocol is never in possession of your NFTs or funds. Tokens earned by your Gacha are automatically streamed to your wallet in real-time. You can also remove NFTs from Gachas that you own.


As public smart contracts, Gacha machines are fully composable. By integrating the Gacha protocol into games, money, apps, and websites, developers can save both time and resources required to build custom solutions. Check out our developer resources to get started. Reach out to us on Discord if you have any questions.

Provably fair

The GACHA protocol uses ChainlinkVRF, the industry standard for on-chain RNG (Random Number Generation). This ensures that the prize distribution system is unbiased and cannot be gamed. Gacha players and collectors can audit the RNG results in their play-history at anytime. Learn more about ChainlinkVRF.

Payout Splits

Gacha machines can be configured to split tokens earned (up to 10 different wallet addresses)

Custom Token Support

By default, Gachapons can be configured to accept ETH, USDC, DAI for payment. If you are a project representative, contact us on Discord to get your ERC-20 token whitelisted. Once approved, you will be able to create Gacha machines that accept your project token.

Highly Customizable

Below table lists the customizable attributes for each Gacha machine. Some are fixed at deployment while others can be modified afterwards. Key attributes are on-chain, while the visual style options are stored off-chain. Only the owner (creator) of the Gacha has the ability to modify these settings.

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