How to freeze metadata for NFTs minted on Opensea

How to make NFTs minted using Opensea public minter compatible with Gacha


For NFTs minted using the Opensea public minter, you must Freeze its metadata before loading into your Gacha for the media to display correctly. Freezing the metadata basically means uploading the content to IPFS, a storage solution that is permanently available and unchangeable. To do this, please refer to the below instructions:


  1. Navigate to the Opensea page of your NFT and click the "Edit" button at the top

2. On the edit page, scroll down to the feature and toggle on "Freeze metadata" then click the "Freeze" button that appears

3. Confirm the dialog and you're done! Repeat steps 1-3 for each NFT that you wish to load into your Gacha.

With the metadata frozen, the NFTs can now be loaded into your Gacha. You can verify that a particular NFT's metadata is frozen by its snowflake icon at the top left.

The snowflake icon is only applicable to NFTs minted using Opensea's public minter. Most custom collections with a fixed URI should be natively compatible with our Gacha so you don't need to freeze the metadata. Contact us on Discord if you are unsure.

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