Doki Doki
The decentralized NFT Gacha protocol. Make collecting fun and inspire digital creations

What is Doki Doki?

Doki Doki is a gamified marketplace platform that combines NFTs, Gachapon Machines, & yield-farming!
On Doki Doki, you can:
  • Play Gachapon machines to collect NFTs from various artists, brands, and projects
  • Deploy your own Gachapon machine, load it with NFTs for others to play
  • Mint new NFTs with data hosted on IPFS distributed storage
  • Bridge and Transfer NFTs between Ethereum and Polygon, and additional chains in the future
  • Farm tokens and NFTs by staking and provide liquidity for $DOKI and $AZUKI
Gachapon (ガチャポン) refers to Japanese vending machines that dispense capsules containing a mystery collectible, similar to blind boxes. Doki Doki enables people to launch their very own digital Gachapon machines and load NFTs inside for others to play and obtain.
Each machine's appearance, name, and cost per play can all be customized by the owner. The versatility of the machines, element of surprise, and price accessibility makes Doki Doki a fun and exciting platform to distribute and collect NFTs.
Doki Doki leverages Polygon L2 so players can enjoy eco-friendly and zero-fee Gachapon. NFTs obtained from Doki Doki machines are interoperable, which means they can be freely transferred between Ethereum L1 and Polygon L2.

Components of Doki Doki

  • Doki Doki DeGacha - an open and decentralized marketplace of digital vending machines that dispense capsules containing randomized NFTs (Digital art, Collectibles, in-game items, etc)
  • Two Tokens - $DOKI, a governance and revenue-sharing token & $AZUKI, a yield X NFT farming token
  • DStake - a staking and yield-farming interface for $DOKI and $AZUKI
  • Original IP & Products which leverage Doki Doki DeGacha tech, e.g. Chainbinders , CryptoChibis, PRJ
  • Doki Doki DAO - a governance system for incentivizing community contribution (under construction)
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