Doki Doki is a web3 platform that enables the creation of provably-fair NFT Gacha machines on the blockchain, which simplifies the process of launching a randomized NFT sale for projects, artists, and collectors.

Gacha machines are highly customizable smart contracts that dispense randomized NFTs in exchange for tokens.

Popular use cases include:

  • fairly distributing in-game items

  • launching a collectible NFT series

  • reselling a batch of NFTs

Doki Doki is permissionless and non-custodial, so you can use Gacha however you like.

Core Components

  • The Gacha Protocol - a set of smart contracts that enable the creation of on-chain Gachas

  • dokidoki.com - The official interface for interacting with the Gacha Protocol, which includes The Gacha Factory, The Gacha Marketplace, Collection Manager, and more

Doki Doki is initially available on Polygon, with plans to go multi-chain this year.

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