Protocol Fees

Set-up Fee

There is a one-time setup fee for deploying a Gachapon. On Polygon, the cost is initially set to 20 MATIC tokens (~$40). This fee is used to purchase the LINK tokens required to cover the cost of ChainlinkVRF.

Protocol Fee

For Gachapon plays we have set an initial flat fee of 5%, automatically deducted from the tokens earned. We don’t want fees to hinder adoption and thus have decided on a fee much lower than most other NFT platforms, making the Gacha protocol a viable option even for secondary market sales.

Play-count limit

As a safety measure, the protocol allocates each Gachapon enough LINK for 10,000 plays (10k NFTs distributed). If you plan on deploying a Gachapon that requires more than 10,000 plays, reach out to us for an increase in the allocation. In a future update, Gacha owners will be able to increase the play count allocation using the Gacha Factory.

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