Doki Doki
How to use the collection page
The Collection Page provides an easy to use interface for inspecting, bridging, and transferring Doki Doki NFTs.
By default, NFTs you obtain from machines are on L2 and thus will appear under the "NFTs on Polygon (Matic)" tab.
Clicking the pink button with three dots will bring up a menu for that individual NFT offering two options 1) Withdraw individual NFT to Ethereum L1 and 2) Transfer NFT to another wallet address.

Inspecting NFT Details

Clicking on a NFT image leads to a page with details including name, description, and attributes as well as links to OpenSea, IPFS, and Etherscan

Batch transfer between L1 <> L2

Mark NFTs for batch transfer using the checkbox at the top left of each NFT.
Click the batch withdraw/deposit button at the top to confirm and initiate the transfer. For first time transfers, an approval transaction is needed.
Transferring NFTs from L1 to L2 will take around 5~10 minutes after the transaction has been confirmed. Once the transfer is complete, the NFTs should appear
Transferring NFTs from L2 to L1 can take a few hours as the Polygon network needs to reach a threshold of checkpoints. NFTs will appear under the "pending L2 -> L1" tab.
Once the L2 -> L1 transfer is complete, click the pink wallet button to retrieve the NFT into your wallet.


All Doki Doki NFTs are compatible with OpenSea Marketplace on L1 and L2.

P2P Trading

For NFTs on L1, you can now use which is a trustless P2P NFT swapping platform
We have chat rooms on Discord and Telegram for community P2P trading. There is no escrow, so trade at your own risk!
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