Doki Doki
Doki and Azuki Tokens
Dokinomics and Azukinomics!
$DOKI and $AZUKI are ERC-20 tokens that work in harmony to power the Doki Doki platform. Both tokens are interoperable with Polygon L2 via the Matic bridge. This page explains their tokenomics as well as clear use-cases and value propositions.


DOKI is the governance and revenue-sharing token for all Doki Doki products
The total supply is 50,000 which has been fully distributed as follows:
  • Community and Staking (47000 / 94%)
  • Team and Development (3000 / 6%)
Stake and LP DOKI in various pools to earn rewards at:
Once governance is implemented, DOKI holders will be able to vote on proposals and manage the DAO Treasury.
DOKI can be purchased on various decentralized exchanges (DEXs)
Contract Address ETH Mainnet: 0x9ceb84f92a0561fa3cc4132ab9c0b76a59787544
Contract Address Polygon L2: 0x5c7f7fe4766fe8f0fa9b41e2e4194d939488ff1c


AZUKI is a sustainable Yield X NFT Farming token with real utility
  • Stake or provide liquidity for AZUKI in order to farm additional AZUKI
  • Spend AZUKI to spin your favorite Doki Doki machines and win exclusive NFTs
  • A portion of all AZUKI spent is burned, which offsets farming emissions
  • There is a 5% burn applied to all sell transactions on Uniswap
The total supply is 40m, with the following breakdown:
  • Community, ecosystem, and yield-farming (39M, 95%)
  • Team and Development (2M, 5%)
Farming emissions are re-balanced on a monthly basis based on supply and demand. The total supply is subject to change, and additional tokens may be minted to extend the yield-farming or exchange listings. Minting has a two-day time lock.
Stake and LP AZUKI in various pools to earn rewards at:
AZUKI can be purchased on various decentralized exchanges (DEXs)
Contract Address: 0x910524678C0B1B23FFB9285a81f99C29C11CBaEd
Contract Address Polygon L2: 0x7cdc0421469398e0f3aa8890693d86c840ac8931
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