Doki Doki
The past, and future of Doki Doki

The Future

Check out our latest Roadmap 2.0 article for more details
  • Doki Doki Tickets - improving platform scalability and enabling community curation
  • Custom Collection and ERC-721 support (Punks, Glyphs, Axies, etc)
  • Fiat Integration
  • Unlockable Content
  • Metaverse Integration
  • Other platform enhancements and features

The Past

Q4 2020

  • Token Generation Event. $DOKI is born!
  • Uniswap listing. Liquidity locked. Dev keys burned.
  • DStake v1 - four staking pools facilitating the fair distribution of $DOKI
  • DStake v2.0 - four additional staking pools. $AZUKI is born!
  • DeGacha NFT Platform V1 Launch ft. genesis machine "Pixelated Retro Japan"

Q1 2021

  • Creator's dashboard V1
    • NFT Minter
    • NFT Manager
    • Machine Manager & Analytics
    • Creator Profiles
    • Polygon L2 integration
    • Complete UI/UX redesign
    • L1 <> L2 #NFT Bridge
    • Creator's dashboard V2

Q2 2021

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