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CRYSTL Finance
CRYSTL Finance is a Polygon L2 yield-farm that helps liquidity providers maximize their gains. We partnered up to bring 1) a new mine where you can stake AZUKI-MATIC LP to earn $CRYSTL, 2) A new pool where you can stake $CRYSTL to earn $AZUKI, and 3) Auto-compounding vaults for all of our yield-farms on L2 (Coming soon)

How to mine $CRYSTL with AZUKI-MATIC LP

1/ Provide and stake AZUKI-MATIC Apeswap LP here
2/ After providing the liquidity, visit the mines page and find the AZUKI-MATIC mine. Enable the farm and stake your LP tokens.
Congrats, you are now mining $CRYSTL!

What can I do with $CRYSTL?

You can stake $CRYSTL in pools to earn additional high-APY in various tokens!
On this page, choose the desired pool based on token and APY. Enable the pool and stake your $CRYSTL to start earning.
Enjoy the yield! (☆ω☆*)

Auto-compounding Vaults

Vaults for AZUKI and DOKI pairs are live!
By depositing your LP tokens into a Crystl Finance Vault, the smart contract automatically compounds by converting the farming rewards into more LP tokens - up to 100 times per day, helping you to save time and earn more.
There is a 5% performance fee , plus a 0.1% withdraw fee.
Vaults are available for:
  • DOKI/ETH Comethswap LP
  • DOKI/MUST Comethswap LP
  • AZUKI/ETH Comethswap LP
  • AZUKI/MUST Comethswap LP
For detailed information, please refer to CRYSTL Finance docs

Is it safe?

Nothing in De-Fi can be guaranteed to be 100% safe! That being said, Crystl Finance is audited by a reputable firm. Always invest only what you can afford to lose ^^.
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