Doki Doki
How to stake and farm NFTs
Staking refers to the act of locking up your crypto-currencies to earn passive rewards.
On the Staking Page, you can deposit tokens into various pools and earn passive rewards including AZUKI tokens, which can be spent to play certain Gachapon machines for NFTs (◕ᴗ◕✿)
Different pools exist on Ethereum L1 and Polygon L2 networks. You can use the Matic Bridge to transfer funds to the same network as the pool you wish to stake into.

Single token Pools

As the name implies these pools allow you to stake a specific token, either DOKI or AZUKI to earn rewards. If it's your first time staking into the pool, you will need to do an approval transaction.
The rest is pretty straightforward. Simply stake your tokens into the pool to start earning rewards!

Liquidity Provider (LP) Pools

In order to stake in LP pools, you need to first acquire some LP tokens by providing liquidity to the corresponding DEX pair.
For this tutorial, we will be adding liquidity to the Comethswap AZUKI/ETH pair on Polygon L2
First, visit the link "Get AZUKI/ETH CLP"
On the Comethswap page, click "Add Liquidity"
To add liquidity, you'll need to provide a 50-50 ratio of AZUKI and ETH. Input an amount, click Supply, and confirm the transaction in your wallet.
Now you should have some LP tokens in your wallet! Head back to the Doki Doki Staking page and approve -> stake the LP tokens into the pool to start earning rewards.


Uniswap Liquidity Provider token. You get ULP tokens when you provide liquidity to a pair on Uniswap.
Cometh Liquidity Provider token. You get CLP tokens when you provide liquidity to a pair on Comethswap.
A smart contract which accepts token deposits and distributes rewards
Impermanent Loss
The unrealized difference between the value of LP tokens vs. holding the assets. Learn more
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