Doki Doki
How to play Gachapon
On the Machines page, you can see all the various Gachapon machines by different creators. The price per play and accepted token is displayed below the name of the machine. Click into a machine to see the NFTs contained within.

Quick Tutorial

  1. 1.
    Acquire & Deposit funds to Polygon via Matic Bridge V2. (5~7 minutes for funds to transfer)
  2. 2.
    Visit the machine page, follow the UI prompts to spin! (~ 30 seconds to get setup)

Video Tutorial

Full Tutorial

Acquiring Tokens

First, you need to acquire tokens based on the price of the machine and how many times you wish to play.
We recommend visiting the token's Coingecko page, to find out where you can purchase the token and compare prices. If the token is available on a Polygon L2 exchange, you may decide to transfer some ETH to L2 and purchase the token on L2 directly.
Here are the links to purchase AZUKI, which is a common token used to play Doki Doki Machines

Depositing funds to L2

If your tokens are on Ethereum L1, you need to deposit them to L2 via Matic Bridge, so you can play with zero gas fees. If your tokens are already on Polygon L2, you can skip this part and go straight to playing!
To deposit, visit the Matic Bridge and connect your wallet.
In the token selection menu, search and select the token you wish to deposit
Input the amount you wish to deposit and click the “Transfer” button. We recommend depositing as much as you want to play in one transaction, to save on gas.
Follow the UI prompts and confirm the transaction. Transfers take on average 5~7 minutes after the tx has been confirmed on L1.
If it's your first time depositing to L2, you should receive an airdrop of 0.1 Matic tokens to pay for tx fees.
Next, it's time to head back to Doki Doki and select the machine you wish to play! Simply try to press the spin button, or click the message underneath and let the UI guide you ~!
If you don't have Polygon (Matic) setup, you will be prompted to switch networks :)
Pro tip: Keep an eye on your Matic token balance, as it's needed to do transactions on the Polygon L2 network. If you run low on Matic tokens, you can swap for some more on Paraswap
Have fun collecting NFTs!
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